Development Notes240714 - initial entries - just a list of names at the moment.
There were 18 names who were reported to be in the boat. In addition there were two extra names given in the letter. Since we have the Reynolds letter which indicates he landed with Bostock and Bostock is on the Harvey list, it must also be included. In the end we have 21 names. I've listed them with their respective company.

Capt Arthur Graham BUTLERLt Duncan CHAPMAN...Lance Corporal Frederick COE
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315 Private Eli COLES, C Company
362 Private William Arthur FISHER, C Company
389 Private Frederick Young FOX, C Company
70 Private Harold Reginald HANSEN, A Company
328 Lance Corporal Thomas Arthur HELLMUTH, C Company
296 Lance Corporal James Claude HENDERSON, C Company
295 Private Cecil HOLDWAY, C Company
311 Private William JARRETT, C Company
386 Private David KENDRICK, C Company
319 Private Benjamin Hugh KENDRICK, C Company
404 Private Walter Edward LATIMER, C Company
289 Private Robert McNeil Crawford McKENZIE, C Company
292 Private Samuel Aubry McKENZIE, C Compan
316 Private William Alexander POLLOCK, C Company
1171 Private Archibald Henry REYNOLDS, A Company
317 Private William James RIDER, C Company
388 Private Frederick THOMAS, C Company
627 Private William CLEAVER, E Company

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